Orders cannot be canceled once the order has been processed. 
We do not accept and will not offer refunds or exchanges. 
Once an order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled the shipment cannot be 
stopped. If you choose to refuse your order once it has been shipped, you will be 
responsible for all shipping costs and a 40% re-stocking fee.


XTM Motorsports warranty covers manufacturer defective engine parts only. 90 days from date of purchase. The warranty is provided and covered by the manufacture of all product featured (Dirt Bikes, ATV's, Go Karts, Scooters, Motorcycles, SXS, Kids Toys etc.) it is provided to you through us the dealer. All China manufacturers for this type of product warranty product for 30 days XTM Motorsports, we will cover your product beyond the manufacture up to 90dys.

WARRANTY: GAS 4 STROKE PRODUCT is 90 day warranty from XTM Motorsports. We cover your product beyond the manufacture. We will service your vehicle under warranty at no additional costs during this time. Buyers are responsible to ship or tow in your vehicle to our facility for any warranty service(s). Any outside repair labor charges, down time, towing or shipping charges are not covered under warranty. We will supply, or install in house, replacement parts in exchange for defective parts, as well as perform in house repairs on defective engines parts. After warranty time all repair and part cost is the responsibility of the owner. If your product is still under warranty, you must contact us and obtain an RMA number in order to return any part for exchange, or engine for repair. Buyers responsible for all shipping cost. THIS WARRANTY IS NOT TRANSFERABLE.

WARRANTY: 49cc 2 STROKE and ELECTRIC PRODUCTS is a 1 MONTH ENGINE MANUFACTURE WARRANTY from purchase date on engine parts only. Nothing else is covered. We will supply, or install in house, replacement engine part in exchange for defective engine part, as well as perform in house repairs on defective engines for a period of 1 month from the date of purchase at no charge. After 1 months, all cost are the responsibility of the owner. Engine part must be returned to us and all shipping expense is the responsibility of buyer.


Initial assembly, preparation all work must be preformed by a professional mechanic (i.e. certified technician, authorize off road recreational dealership, engine repair shop, motorcycle shop, or local auto repair shop) to assure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition. Upon completion, you must keep a receipt of work completed and signed by a technician that performed the service. You will need to provide proof of this service when filing a warranty claim, so (consumers) keep your receipts. Subject to the limitations stated in this agreement, we agrees (at its sole discretion) to replace a covered component if the covered component fails as a result of one or more of the internal lubricated parts within the component stated warranty period from the date of purchase, while the component is being used under the conditions and in the manner specified by its original manufacturer. Keep in mind these units are built for recreational use only.


·         The product is not properly assembled for initial set when new. A PDI is not performed by a certified technician educated with this type of product. Proof of this is required for warranty claims.

·         The product is used in a manner in which it was not designed for. If product is abuse, neglected or used for Extreme riding, Jumping, Racing, Stunt ridding, Ridding at constant wide open throttle or competition etc.

·         Customer fails to follow minimum maintenance and break in requirements suggested by manufacture. If consistence maintain is not performed on the unit and/or fails to or cannot provide proper service documents that is necessary.

·         The damage to the product is caused during shipping.

·         The product is modified in anyway or use of aftermarket parts

·         The Product is used in rental or commercial business

·         Crash, Accident, Inexperienced rider, Operator Error, Vandalism, Fire or Theft

·         The crank case and gear oil has not been changed upon start-up, proof of this is required for warranty claims.

Improper adjustment\operation of brakes, improper gear engagement, i.e. engaging reverse will traveling forward, improper adjustment\operation of the clutch, i.e. dragging, causing premature burning of the friction plates, use of incorrect lubricants.

The following parts are not under warranty:

·         Brake & clutch levers

·         Throttle Grips, handlebars, etc

·         Fuel lines, brake lines

·         All Cables

·         Light bulbs

·         Carburetor

·         Seats & upholstery

·         Tires, Wheels and Rims

·         All Filters

·         Gaskets

·         Batteries

·         Lubricants

·         Body Parts (fenders, covers, housings, etc.)

·         Spark Plugs, Fuses

·         Chain

·         Clutches / Clutch wear parts or Transmissions

·         Lubricants

·         Gaskets

·         Springs, clips, nuts, bolts and fasteners.

·         Sprockets

·         Brake linings and/or pads,

·         Drive belt / Belts

·         CV Boots

·         Forks, shocks,

·         Hoses/any part made from rubber

·         Standard wear and tear parts including but not limited to

·         Warranty does not cover any towing or shipping charges to and from

·         Warranty does not cover or reimburse any outside labor charges

·         Loss of any time without motorcycle

RETURN/REPLACEMENT PARTS: Defective warranty part(s) are required to be returned to exchange for new replacement part. We require the customer to send in the defective part for inspection before an exchange can be made. Returning your defective part(s) will ensure we send you the correct part(s) and assist us in monitoring and correcting potential manufacture defects. The inspection process could take from 3-5 business days after its arrival to the designated inspection office. We will notify you once we decide if the part in question is defective or otherwise. Any part return is required an assigned RMA number. Clearly list inside and outside of the package, with the original order #, customers name and address and a clear description of part and problem. Please you the form found at the following link to process your warranty return.  WARRANTY RETURN LINK


·         We need to verify your replacement part is the correct one to send to you.

·         We require the part back so we may monitor defective parts and notify the correct manufacturer of potential future problems or recalls.

·         We need to verify that your part is in fact defective. Many times we receive parts that are not defective at all.

·         Items under warranty must be sent back in order to receive replacements.

TOWING/SHIPPING CHARGES: All towing and/or shipping charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer

REPAIRED COMPONENTS: If the components are replaced under the terms of this agreement, they will be repaired or replaced with component parts of like kind and quality.



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